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Evangelical Pastor to give Obama Invocation

datePosted on 14:05, December 18th, 2008 by Kosmic Kurt

Rick Warren, the Pro-Choice, anti-LGBT, right-wing evangelical pastor will give the invocation at the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Obviously I have a great deal of difficulty rationalizing this bigoted religious figure taking part in anything in my life, but to hold center stage in front of hundreds of millions of people worldwide is maddening. It’s clear as day that Obama wants to include the Religious Right, but this, to me, is way over-the-top. Obama may as well just say that everything the Democratic Party stands for irrelevant.

Why must we have an invocation or a benediction, for that matter, in the first place? There is plenty of “religion” to go around at the inauguration as it is. Most presidents say, “…so help me God” at the end of their oath. It is not required, yet they do it. Theodore Roosevelt said, “…and thus I swear.” Good Theodore! But Obama is no Roosevelt. He will utter the “G” word. Rick Warren will probably behave admirable and end of looking good. But it is a massive lie and a horrible injustice to all LGBT’s in the United States – not to mention women in general. Acknowledging Warren in any capacity gives credence to his archaic divisive hateful views.

Note to the president-elect: From those of us that look to you as a welcome change to make an attempt to unite our nation, you’ve just put a giant wedge right down the center. Not a great start. Shame on you!