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Time to sever ties with the Vatican

datePosted on 13:40, April 15th, 2009 by Kosmic Kurt

The Obama administration has informally suggested at least three possible candidates as ambassador to the Vatican. All three, one of whom was Caroline Kennedy, have all been rejected by the Vatican for their pro-abortion views. Obama has made it clear that he will support the constitutional right of women to have abortions. So, either Obama picks a Pro-lifer, or the Pope accepts a Pro-choicer. Your guess is as good as mine. However, being that Obama is trying to include EVERYONE, he is probably the one who will capitulate.

Why does the United States need to have an ambassador to the Vatican? We don’t have one for any other religious organization. The Vatican stands for religious dogma. The United States has a constitution which says that religion should not affect public policy. Again, why bother? It is time to sever ties with this divisive, hateful, irresponsible, and murdering institution.

There is no difference between the Vatican and many terrorist organizations. Both spread lies and fear. Both have killed innocents for no reason. As a result of the policies of the current Pope, and past ones, millions of people die each year because the Catholic Church prevents the use of contraception in third-world countries. When the Pope issues a statement, it is almost always against scientific progress. Too many leaders listen to this nonsense. How many people’s lives could have possibly been saved if the United States was actively involved in stem cell research during the past eight years? With the possible exception of mainline Islam, no other organization has done more to hurt individuals, destroy human rights, and stifle scientific progress than the Vatican.

Today’s terrorist activities pale in comparison to the atrocities ordered by past popes (inquisition). Fortunately more and more Catholics are dissenting from many of the papal decrees. Bravo! Perhaps in time more people will see the Pope as the worthless, old, perverted, sadistic, dogmatic anachronism that he truly is. We can only hope.