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New Supreme Court Justice

datePosted on 14:01, April 26th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

With the announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, many of our constitutional rights are literally at stake. Since he was appointed in 1975, Justice Stevens has been one of the strongest supporters of our first amendment rights. He has consistently ruled in favor church-state separation whenever it was challenged.

It is critically essential that President Obama appoint a replacement for Stevens that shares his resolve for individual rights and freedoms. The Supreme Court is currently leaning to the right of center with many recent appointments and clearly supporting the religious majority in this country. This was not the intention of our Founding Fathers. Deplorable god-mongers like Scalia and Thomas have literally been preaching form the bench. Scalia has repeatedly stated that United States is Christian nation. He apparently has never read Article Six of the Constitution or the Treaty of Tripoli.

This appointment is the single most important decision that Obama has had to make in his presidency. It is a decision will carry ramifications for years to come. Depending on who Obama does pick, we should be ready to advise our senators to either confirm or reject the appointment. This one single appointment could very well mean the difference between continued religious freedom in this country or having things like prayer in public schools become law. I urge everyone to pay close attention to this matter of the next few weeks and act accordingly.

Religious Belief is Dumbing Down United States

datePosted on 11:40, April 15th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

In a truly remarkable move, the National Science Board edited a report indicating America’s science literacy. The edit removed any mention of how Evolution and the Big Bang are understood and perceived. The original report listed that the United States scored below most of the rest of the industrialized world in regard to the both Evolution and the Big Bang. The National Science Board oversees the National Science Foundation.

The board citied that the data was making people chose between science and religion and so they opted not to include it. In other words, religion now plays a dominant role in deciding what is not just taught, but what is reported, as well. This is absolutely incredible! Both Evolution and the Big Bang are scientific facts. Religion is a “belief.” A belief is something that does not have, nor does it even attempt to provide any evidence or explanation for the statements that are issued. People are supposed to suspend all rational inquiry and logic and accept whatever is stated by the religion as true – even if it is a fabricated lie. Currently the United States falls behind most other technologically advanced nations in our science education and in the general public’s scientific literacy. A report is compiled to explain this and now it is suppressed because it may “offend” the uneducated religious.

I urge everyone to call/write/email/whatever your representatives and let them know this is disturbing and that you are upset. Religion has no place what-so-ever in the formal education of our children. The incontrovertible fact that American education is failing should not be covered up. It needs to be exploited so that we can correct the damage before we devolve into a dark age of ignorance while the rest of the world passes us by. The removed chapter is available for download here.

For the record, 13.7 billion years ago everything that is now our observable universe came into being in a sort of explosion that we refer to as The Big Bang. The planet earth is 4.6 billion years old and the human species evolved from common ancestors that we share other species millions of years ago through a deliberate and specific process of evolution by Natural selection. These are facts. If you have a problem with these facts, then you or either ignorant or a fool. If you are ignorant, you can learn. If you are a fool, you are a detriment to society and serve no purpose other than to waste oxygen.