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God Smites Jesus

datePosted on 13:37, June 17th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt



How perfect is this? In the ultimate display of religious irony, a 62 foot statue of Jesus at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe Ohio was set on fire and destroyed by lightning on Monday night. Firefighters were helpless to stop the blaze from completely destroying the savior. I’m sure the church leaders were busy praying their fool heads off, but to no avail – Jesus was toast. Now if I were religious, and I witnessed a “sign from above,” the destruction of the object of my religious belief, I would probably want to re-examine my beliefs. Don’t you think? Perhaps Jesus is mad and the half million dollars, or whatever that went into making the statue, should have gone into helping those less fortunate. Or maybe there is no Jesus and Allah, or Vishnu, or Zeus, or Thor, or any of the other 200 gods that are worshipped today finally had enough and torched the false god. Or, even better yet, all the gods are real and they are beginning this huge fight and Jesus lost the first round. Either way, the last thing I would probably want to do is rebuild the statue. Well guess what? That is exactly what they doing. Yep. They are going to replace the statue that was destroyed from above with another one. Gotta love it.