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Mel Gibson: A perfect example of why religion is bad

datePosted on 13:03, July 21st, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

In a rather scathing editorial released on Monday in Slate (click to go to article), award-winning author Christopher Hitchens blasted actor Mel Gibson as a fascist and a racist whose behavior is consistent with the right wing of the Catholic Church. Hitchens makes the inescapable conclusion that Gibson’s extreme religious views leave no tolerance for anyone else’s views and that he should be the “poster child” for the Catholic Church itself. Personally I agree with everything Hitchens says; however, I would go one step further. You see it’s not just the Catholic Church. No, it’s religion period! We all know the horrific atrocities the Catholic Church is responsible for and continues to perpetrate each day. Catholics are bad, but they are not the exception. Almost every major religion discriminates and abuses people. Women, in particular usually get the worst of it.

Orthodox Jewish women are never allowed to question their mates or speak in temple. In fact, they are not even allowed to sit with men – they must sit in the back of the synagogue as second-class citizens. In Judaism, women are always second class.

Muslim women are so discriminated against that one could fill volumes speaking about the mental and physical abuse they must tolerate each day. From genital mutilation and full-body stoning for nothing more than allow part of their flesh to be seen by another to being sold into slavery for their entire lives, it really sucks to be a Muslim woman.

I could go on, but you get the point. It is religion itself that makes people do these bad things. It is belief in the objects of the religions – the gods. It is the unquestioning, relentless, dogmatic, mindless adherence to age-old hypocritical abusive and destructive behavior that only religion can create. Mel Gibson is scum, but he is no worse than any other religious pundit who feels their actions are justified by their deity de jour. This is just one more of an infinite number of reasons why you can not be moral with religion.

You want to see just how “moral” religion can make you? Take good look at Mel Gibson. He is religion incarnate.