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Atheist Leader Works With Theists

datePosted on 13:03, August 6th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, is also the first female Prime Minister, and more importantly, the first openly acknowledged atheist Prime Minister. As an atheist, Gillard does not believe in deities, saints, or other make-believe entities. However, as Prime Minster she needs the support of the Christian majority to stay in office. So, yesterday she publicly acknowledged the canonization of Mary MacKillop and pledged money for a celebration party. MacKillop was a nun in the 19th Century that helped poor and orphaned children. She will be the first Australian Saint.

“Whether you believe Mary MacKillop’s a saint, whether you believe she was a great Australian pioneer providing education to kids who needed it, whether you believe both, this is a great moment to celebrate.”

–Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Gillard obviously does not believe in saints but does recognize the prestige of having an Australian Saint.  This will go a long way to helping her to get re-elected in two weeks.  Gillard is to be commended for her efforts in putting things into proper perspective and maintaining a balance. The saint thing is a big deal for the Catholics, so she is letting them have their day, and then she will move on to other things – like running the country. As the nation’s first atheist leader she does need to tread carefully. She has found a way to placate the theists and still maintain her rational world view. I admire her courage and still acknowledge her conviction and honesty. More importantly I admire the people of Australia for allowing her to be their leader in the first place!