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More 9/11 Madness

datePosted on 20:50, September 10th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

Another year; another 9/11 celebration; another chance for the religious to celebrate their ignorance. This year we have the added excitement of Terry Jones and his Koran burning stunt. Jones, who immigrated here from Germany just two years ago and set up his little slave-labor camp in Florida, is doing all he can to alienate the Islamic community. For the record, Jones has a constitutional right to criticize, mock, and yes, burn, any book he wants. However, the message sent is one that is abhorrent to most civilized people. The Koran is a terrible book of nonsense, true. But then, the Judeo-Christian Bible trumps the Koran any day when it comes to horror, lies, rape, incest, murder and the like. Being an atheist I would much rather burn a Bible, than the Koran. But that’s just me. However, I am also a humanist and I realize that publicly destroying something that is special to someone is a selfish, nasty act that will only bread hatred and discontent. The global mess that is ensuing is the fault of the western media. Making a big deal out of nothing is what is happening. A Baptist church did the same thing two years ago and no one even commented on it. One religion picking on another. Same old story.

Another bit of nastiness this year is the Awakening Awareness Alliance’s Cry Out America. Here we have right-wing Christians encouraging all Americans to pray to their god. This is the second year this group as done this public prayer fiasco. Unfortunately many naïve Americans are falling for it and will be participating in their activities on 9/11. For the ignorant, this is a strictly evangelical Christian right-wing hate group that believes the United States should be a Christian nation. They are against the 32 million of us non-theists and of course very anti Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. They want to transform the United States in their warped Christian worldview. Don’t let them!

We rational non-theists must stand firm and resolute in pointing out that 9/11 happened because of religion. It is religion that killed the innocent and it is religion that is killing people in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and even here in the United States right now. And, rest assured,  it will be religion that will kill many more people after this year’s round of 9/11 foolishness is over. Stop the madness! Stop religion. Not one group or sect, but all religions. Then, and only then, will we have chance to create a better world, free from the hatred forced upon us all by the deluded godmongers.

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