A Return to Science

datePosted on 14:06, November 11th, 2008 by Kosmic Kurt

Now that the election is finally over and most of us can get back to a normal routine, we need to remember that science and reason must continue be a priority and our daily lives. With the election of Barack Obama as our next president we are at least given the hope of a return to an age of intellectual and scientific progress. Obama has stated he would reverse many of the Bush anti-science policies that were imposed during the past eight years. He has also pledged to end the moratorium on science that the Bush administration created by appointing a Science and Technology adviser to his cabinet. It’s about time! It’s still not entirely clear how Obama will react to state and church separation issues. He has already violated them during the election process. But all in all it appears that the religious right will not get a “special” place in his administration. Let’s hope so.


Obama to reverse Bush policies

Obama on science

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