Creationism in UK Schools

datePosted on 21:04, November 11th, 2008 by Kosmic Kurt

A recent survey conducted by Teachers TV in the United Kingdom indicated that 18% of the science teachers surveyed thought creationism/intelligent design should be given equal status with evolution; indicating that they did not even know what a scientific theory is. Science broadcaster Adam Rutherford stated that such teachers should be removed from teaching science. Here here! A lucid voice of reason. Those that are ignorant or just plain stupid enough to suggest that the “controversy” should be taught do not belong teaching our children. When will they get it? There is no controversy. Creationism is an idea (a bad one). It is not a scientific theory. There is no evidence, nothing to test or falsify. It fails every single definition of a good (or even bad) scientific theory. I am so sick of hearing about this nonsense. Teachers who want to teach religious dogma are free to do so in their churches and private homes – but not in schools. Unfortunately the UK does not have any separation of state and church laws in place to protect both knowledge and religion. Here in the United States we do have the First Amendment. All of us need to defend the First Amendment whenever it is threatened by the ignorant and evil who try to force their ill-conceived drivel into our public schools.


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