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There has been so much talk about the compatibility – or incompatibility of science and religion that it’s enough to make one sick. The old argument of non-overlapping magisteria is really not valid. Science is a way of explaining the world we live in. Science is a specific deliberate method for solving problems and making predictions. Science IS the world we live in. Conversely, religion is none of the above. Religion is an unsubstantiated, untestable fantasy that neither explains nor predicts anything. So if religion does not have its own magisteria; why bother? Science and religion are way beyond being mutually exclusive. One, science, explains reality; the other, religion, invents horrible stories to contradict reality. However, in spite of this quite obvious fact, there are many scientists who disingenuously hold religious beliefs. I truly do not even know how to respond to that. Fortunately others do.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss recently debated some theists and discussed this very issue.

Science is only truly consistent with an atheistic worldview with regards to the claimed miracles of the gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, the true believers in each of these faiths are atheists regarding the specific sacred tenets of all other faiths. Christianity rejects the proposition that the Quran contains the infallible words of the creator of the universe. Muslims and Jews reject the divinity of Jesus.
So while scientific rationality does not require atheism, it is by no means irrational to use it as the basis for arguing against the existence of God, and thus to conclude that claimed miracles like the virgin birth are incompatible with our scientific understanding of nature.
Finally, it is worth pointing out that these issues are not purely academic. The current crisis in Iran has laid bare the striking inconsistency between a world built on reason and a world built on religious dogma.

–Lawrence Krauss

We atheists are not on a mission to destroy all religious belief. Anyone is entitled to believe in anything they want to. The issue is when those beliefs in the supernatural realm are used set public policy and obfuscate the real world we live in. It is reality itself that is incompatible with most religious dogma. Science is responsible for the vaccines and medicine that you take to improve your life. Science has brought us the technology to form the computer you are reading this post on. Science is real. Religion, on the other hand, has brought us ignorance, war, and suffering. The real question is whether you accept reality, or you need to believe in a fantasy world populated by aweful dreadful vendictive monsters that no one else can see in order to survive your brief existence.

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