Muslims Strike Back: The Sectarian Killing in Nigeria Continues

datePosted on 14:10, March 8th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

If you remember, this past January, Christians slaughtered at least 150 Muslims in the town of Kuru Karama and left bodies piled in heaps out in the streets after having burned all of the houses down to the ground. Today Muslims raided a town south of the city of Jos, Nigeria and killed at least 200 Christians (New York Times Report). The raiders were seen using machetes and hacked mostly woman and children to death. The fighting in Nigeria is based on the ethnic divisions that exist in a country that is primarily half Christian and half Muslim. In all fairness, there are a number of issues other than religion that contributes to the rising body counts. But the main division itself is clearly one between Christians and Muslims. Is this a preview as to what could potential happen on a global level in the future? Most assuredly, yes!

Today in the United States tensions continue to rise as Christian Right fanatics continue to bash Muslims, Jews, non-theists, and even other Christians. Unfortunately almost all theists are united in their hatred towards us atheists. Even though we are not the ones attacking and perpetrating violence, we are still vilified. That is why it is so important to stand up as an atheist and as an atheist that helps people and does good deeds. We have the potential to work and live with theists – we are doing it right now. However, theists apparently do not have the potential to live with us – or each other, for that matter. You want see what happens when different theistic groups try to live together? Look to Nigeria. Perhaps if we wait long enough all of the Christian and Muslims will kill each other. Then all we have to worry about are the militant Buddhist and Hindus, and a couple hundred other theistic sects.

Imagine no religion.

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