Stop Apologizing for the Pope

datePosted on 22:23, March 30th, 2010 by Kosmic Kurt

Enough already! Pope Ratzinger/Benedict/whatever is a malicious sadist. He willing allowed sadistic inappropriate behavior to transpire and furthermore covered it up. As has been pointed out by just about everyone on the planet lately; if he was shown evidence of abuses against children by Catholic priests and did nothing about it, he is guilty and culpable. If he did not understand what he was being shown or was ignorant of it, then he was, and still is, incompetent. He should not be in a position that has the power to influence millions of mindless sheep.  It’s not that difficult. This is an evil criminal that got busted. Plain and simple. Truly ignorant apologists like Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who recently compared Benedict to Christ in the way he is being persecuted, are idiots. Stop apologizing for your boss. He is a liar and pedophile enabler. Actually I take that back. I agree with Dolan. If Benedict is just like Christ, then perhaps we should crucify him. The world would be a much nicer place without him. Then again, keeping him alive will do more to discredit the Catholic Church then we could ever hope for. Maybe people will even doubt church doctrine and start using contraception in third world countries and lives could actually be saved. Tough call.

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