How To Register

datePosted on 11:34, April 21st, 2009 by Kosmic Kurt

You do not need to register to post a comment. You do need to register to access and control your posts and to enter user information. To register for this site, please do the following: Enter your user name (can be anything – including your name) and your email address; pick a password that is at least six characters long; re-enter your password; type the letters listed to verify you are human and then submit the information. An email will then be sent to your address to confirm the registration. You should be able to log in as soon as you submit the information. Once you are logged  in click on “Profile” to change your password to anything you like and to add information about yourself (completely optional). When you are done click “Update Profile.” Now you can click on the Atheist Realm Blog link in the upper left and comment on any post.  If you have any questions or problems please send them to Thanks for your support.